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To make everything easier for you we have created a list of most asked questions with detailed answers.

General Information
  • What is Localz?

Localz is an online marketplace that brings together the tourists from all over the world and the individual tour guides from the country they are visiting, also known as Locals. Localz has one goal: to assure that the tourist has the best local experience without missing anything. It allows the tourists select any tour, customize it, get offers from different tour guides and choose the one they liked most.

  • Can I change, customize and/or add my specifications to any tour?

Absolutely! That is one of our main advantages to allow the tourist customize any tour to the way they would like. The tourist can add/edit any information to the tour before requesting the trip. Later, you can also make changes after discussing it with the tour guide.

  • What does the sign up process look like?

You sign up by creating an account via our website. You will receive a confirmation email to complete the registration. Once you are done filing all the information you can select any of the tours and request a trip.

  • In which countries can I use Localz?

Currently Localz is available in Armenia in Georgia and we plan to expand in Europe really soon.

  • Are there any booking fees applicable?

No, the prices you see on the website are the approximate prices of the tours. The final price is offered by the tour guide after the discussion and that is the only price you pay. No additional fees are applied.

  • When will I be charged for the trip?

You will be charged for the trip as soon as the guide makes the final offer and you book the trip. The money will not be transferred to the tour guides account, until the tourist confirms that the tour took place.

  • Who do I pay when I book the trip?

You make a full payment to Localz. Later, when the tour took place we transfer the money to the tour guideā€™s account.

  • When do I need to make the payment?

You make the payment once the tour guide has made the final offer and you booked the trip. It does not matter if it takes 2 days or 2 months before the trip starts.

  • What payment methods do you offer?

You can pay via PayPal and credit card.

  • Can I cancel my trip as a tourist and do I receive a refund?

Yes, you may. However depending on the number of days before the trip you may not be refunded the whole amount of the money. Please read our cancellation policy very carefully BEFORE booking the trip.

  • How do I personalize the trip?

Once you open the tour, you can make any changes before requesting the trip. You can change the date, the number of tourists, add places to the tour and any requirements you have. Additionally, you can discuss any request with the tour guides that make offers via messaging.

  • How can I contact the tour guide?

You cannot contact the tour guides before requesting a trip. Once you request a trip the corresponding tour guides receive a notification and start messaging with you. All the discussion is taking place through Localz messaging. Then the tour guides make offers and you select one of the tour guides.

  • Why do I not see the contact details such as email address or phone number of a tour guide?

The Privacy of our community is very important for us, therefore we advise you not to give any contact information before purchasing the tour. After confirming the payment you will receive an email with the contact details of the tour guide to get in touch.

If you cannot find what you need feel free to contact our customer support staff by sending an email to support@thelocalz.co or by calling +374 94 56 22 59